Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day One Snail runs loose on Bar-B-Q menu!

We are used to some pretty fast pace stuff here in Franklin County! Just check out the snail my daughter Allie found outside on our porch. A snail may not be a big deal for you.. but for us it is a HUGE deal. I've never seen a snail here where I live, and neither have my kids.
We brought it inside and took it's photo next to a penny so that we'd alway remember how cute and small it was. It wasn't until later I realized I took the photo of it on a Bar-B-Q menu.. that's a bit creepy!
No snail was harmed in the making of this blog, he was released back into the wilds of our front yard after we photographed him.



Welcome to the 365 club -- cute snail, but quite happy he's in Kansas and not here!

Betty and Maverick said...

I don't think I've ever seen a live snail. I've found the shells like yours is living in, but just the shell. How cool! HHmmm BBQ snail. Do you think this could be a French delicacy?


Jai Johnson said...

Oh my gosh is he cute!

Carole & Chewy said...

You live in Franklin Co Kansas? We live in Franklin County VA.
And we have snails. They're not so cute when they crawl across your carport at night, and leave shiny trails of goo everywhere.
Or bring their goon friends with them - the slugs. Ick ick ick.

Islipian said...

i have the worst memories of summertime in los angeles with my aunt/uncle cousins upstairs and my grandparents downstairs in a duplex with separate outdoor entrances....and me told to go up or down to the other, so I had to go outside at night, in the dark, to get from one door to the other, and I'm always barefoot...and the unpleasant CRUNCH then cold slime feel of stepping on a snail in your barefeet....igghh