Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day Two: I'm so High... up in Franklin County

So I was wondering where the highest point is in Franklin County Kansas.. I think I found it. The new Elizabeth Layton Center is positioned right off of Eisenhower Road and I-35. For those of you not familiar with Elizabeth Layton, she is a famous artist from Wellsville,Kansas (in Franklin County). She became depressed late in life and used art to bring happiness to herself and others.

In my travels around Ottawa today, I saw the Ford dealership at 68Hwy and Main Street. No great stories about this, except I bought a car there one time.

This evening I had a Mission Trip meeting and Potluck with my church at Lincoln Elementary School. Lincoln (home of the Lions) is a really super cool school, and is one of the newer buildings in Ottawa.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day One Snail runs loose on Bar-B-Q menu!

We are used to some pretty fast pace stuff here in Franklin County! Just check out the snail my daughter Allie found outside on our porch. A snail may not be a big deal for you.. but for us it is a HUGE deal. I've never seen a snail here where I live, and neither have my kids.
We brought it inside and took it's photo next to a penny so that we'd alway remember how cute and small it was. It wasn't until later I realized I took the photo of it on a Bar-B-Q menu.. that's a bit creepy!
No snail was harmed in the making of this blog, he was released back into the wilds of our front yard after we photographed him.